How to Add, Reactivate or Transfer Members


    1. Login to the platform
      If you have not accessed the TTFM® platform before; please go to:
      Your ‘username’ is your email address and if you do not know your password, you can be sent a temporary one by clicking on ‘Forgot Password’ and following the prompts.
    1. My Admin
      Once logged in, look for the green ‘My Admin’ area.
      Click on the option that reads: ‘Add / Reactivate / Transfer Members’
    1. School Details
      Check that your school details are correct, including your name and email address as the Principal. If a ‘School Coordinator’ is already listed, check that these details are correct as well (these can be amended/removed etc. via the button to the right of their name).
      To ‘add’ a new coordinator, click on the green icon as indicated below.
    1. Add a Coordinator 
      On this screen, ensure your school name is showing at the top. Select the role required (for the most part this should be ‘School Coordinator’), other roles will not provide full administrative access (a description for each is provided once selected).

      Enter the assigned coordinators ‘email address’, first name and last name. Click submit.

      Should you require multiple coordinators, please repeat steps 3 and 4 as necessary.
      Once added, an email from the system will be sent to your coordinator providing login information.
    Should you run into difficulty adding your coordinators or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

See the TTFM Account Roles and Permissions article for more information on each role.