How the TTFM® Measures Are Developed

Annually, our research team led by Dr. Willms performs a review of all existing and suggested survey content. As part of this review, the team will fine-tune existing measures to improve validity and identify new areas of content for development. We continually log all feedback from our clients and improvement suggestions are given in-depth consideration during this review. Any changes or additions that are identified are subjected to a rigorous control process that involves:


a)  Researching the proposed addition in the latest scientific journals and publications;

b)  Consulting with experts in the subject matter area of the proposed addition;

c)  Designing survey items that will accurately assess the topic of interest;

d)  Assessing the readability of newly-developed item(s) for target audience suitability;

e)  Piloting newly-developed content with a limited population of clients;

f)   Analysing the pilot results to ensure statistical validity and accuracy;

g)  Adjusting items (as necessary) to address any issues identified during analysis;

h)  Releasing the newly-developed content to clients.


Strictly adhering to this process is how we guarantee the validity and accuracy of all content on our survey. If you have questions or concerns about particular survey items or measures, we encourage you to contact your TTFM Implementation Coordinator for your school to discuss. All suggestions submitted will be assessed during our annual review period.