Dynamic Progress Bar

"Why does the progress bar jump?"

Each participant will see a progress bar on the top of each page as they go through the survey.

This shows how many questions the participant has left to complete on the survey. However, this bar does not move or go up after each finished question, it only goes up after each finished page. This means that the time bar may go up a lot for a page that contains many questions but only a little for a page that contains only a few questions.



"How long does it take to complete the survey?"

The average amount of time required for a student to complete a survey is listed below:

  • Primary Students (Years 4-6) 30 minutes
  • Secondary Students (Years 7-12) 30 minutes
  • Partners in Learning Parent Survey 20 minutes
  • Focus on Learning Teacher Survey 22 minutes 
  • Staff survey 20 minutes

Please note: the indicated times shown here are based on statistics indicating that 95% of participants will complete it in this time frame; some will finish well under this time, and a few people will need more time based on their reading skills or support needs.