Tell Them From Me®: Student Survey Sample Questions

Open-Ended Questions

1. Please tell us some of the things you really like about your school or things that would make it even better.

2. A positive and safe environment is extremely important in any school. List some things the school could do to promote a positive and safe environment.

3. If we were going to start some new clubs or interest groups at our school, what would you suggest?

4. Please list the school’s core values, and explain what they mean to you.

5. Would you participate in a lunch time physical activity? If so, what activity would appeal to you?

6. If you do not understand something the teacher has taught, how do you get help?

7. What steps do you need to take to get the job you would like when you leave school?

8. Describe the effect that our new iPads have had on your learning.

9. Name one learning area you think you have improved in and describe what has helped you to achieve it.

Multiple-Choice Questions

1. In which of the following areas do you feel the least safe?

At the bus stop
In the corridors/ hallways
In the playground
In the toilet block
I feel safe at school

2. When you need help, what is the MOST useful to you?

Teacher help at recess/lunch time
Homework assistance after school
Peer tutoring from another student
Extra work to be done at home

3. In a week, how many hours do you spend working at a job outside of school?

0 hours (I do not have a job)
1-10 hours
11-20 hours
21-30 hours
More than 30 hours a week

4. Do you think that PBL is improving the behaviour in your classroom?

All the time

5. How often do lessons focus on how to improve your written answers?

Never or hardly ever
In some lessons
In most lessons
In all lessons

6. The whole school focus on writing has helped me to improve my results.

• Strongly Disagree
• Disagree
• Neither Agree or Disagree
• Agree
• Strongly Agree


7. On a scale of 1-5, how likely are you to recommend this school to others. 1 is not at all and 5 is highly likely.