Partners in Learning Parent Survey Sample Questions

Open-Ended Questions

1. Please tell us some things you like about our school or things that would make it even better.

2. What could we do to make our school more welcoming for everyone?

3. Are you happy with the level of communication from the school and your child’s teachers? If not, when and how would you prefer them to communicate?

4. Please tell us what interests or skills you have, that you would be happy to share with students or other parents at our school?

5. What would be the best way for you to have a say about this school?

6. What types of events, functions or activities could the P&C organise which could encourage parents to become more involved in school?

7. Please tell us some different ways that we could encourage more families and community members to participate.

8. Please list the school’s core values, and explain what they mean to you.

9. What are the most important aspects of our school culture that need to be addressed to create a better learning environment at our school for your child/children?

10. How can the school assist students to become better prepared for life after graduation?

Multiple-Choice Questions

1. Which of the following activities are you most likely to attend?

  • Training in group leadership to help others participate
  • A focus group or community discussion to share your views on school planning and improvement
  • Sharing my skills in a practical way
  • Helping to create numeracy kits for classroom and home use
  • Sharing an interest with my child's class

2. What times would make it easiest for you to get to school events?

  • Before school
  • During school hours
  • After school
  • Evenings
  • I'm not easily able to attend the school for events

3. As part of our Partners in Lifelong Learning initiative, which workshops would you most likely attend?

  • Helping my child with reading
  • Helping my child with maths
  • Supporting my child's mental health and wellbeing
  • Cyber safety
  • Supporting children with special needs
  • Technology as tools for learning
  • Supporting my child through the teenage years

4. Do you believe that P&C activities help in improving the school?

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Neither agree nor disagree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree

5. If our school had an after-school program (e.g. sport, tutoring, extracurricular), how often would you use it for your child/children?

  • Rarely
  • Occasionally
  • Sometimes
  • Often
  • Every week


When adding a 'label for reports', this is limited to 5 characters and needs to help your school identify the results. When the results are reported, these labels will appear on the chart’s x-axis.

Consider labels that are easily identifiable, such as:

Response option:      Label:

Strongly Agree             SA

Agree                           A

Neither                         N

Disagree                      D

Strongly disagree        SD