Discrepancy Between Reporting Tools

Sometimes, when doing a drill-down on a certain question/topic, you may notice that some of the results (%) are a bit different between the One-Click Report results and the Roll-up Interactive/Interactive Chart Report results.

This discrepancy is intentional and is due to differences in how the one-click and interactive chart reports aggregate and suppress data. Here are all the details:

The One-Click Report is based on a grade-level breakdown of results. However, in order to ensure that this report includes a statistically significant population size, we suppress any grades that do not include more than 5 students. You may notice, for example, that there are no grade 9 results available in the One-Click report because of this suppression rule. Suppressed populations are not factored into the school-wide mean results.

The Roll-up Interactive Chart Reports and Interactive Chart Reports factor in ALL data from the total population of students that submitted surveys. Results are calculated based on whichever drill-down categories are selected. Suppression is applied at the drill-down population level (not the grade level by default). Because of this, grade 9 results will be factored into interactive chart results.