How to Access Open-Ended Question Responses

Responses to Open-Ended Questions (OEQ), available solely at the school level, provide you with excellent qualitative feedback. For information on how to develop questions, see the Creating Custom Questions article.

This guide covers the following topics:

  1. Access your OEQ Responses
  2. Select Data Criteria
  3. Export OEQ Responses


  1. Access your OEQ Responses

On the View Reports page, click the Report Available link under Open-Ended Question Responses. OEQ Responses are grouped by survey type: Elementary, Secondary, Parent or Teacher.


  1. Select Data Criteria

There are a number of selections you can make based on which OEQ responses you would like to view.

Questions: Select the question(s) for which you would like to view the responses.



Did you know? Data suppression thresholds will prevent OEQ responses from displaying if the number of respondents does not meet the minimum requirement, based on the criteria you have set. See Protecting Survey Taker Anonymity for more information.


Keywords: If you have already identified a topic of interest, enter keywords, and only responses including those words will populate. You can select whether to display responses that contain an exact match or contain any of your keywords by clicking the radio buttons to the right.



Word Cloud: Clicking on the Word Cloud button displays the words most commonly used by survey takers. Words used most often are in large text, while words used less commonly are in smaller text.


Click on the words of interest and they will be added to the Keywords field.


Sex & Grade: You can drill down to display responses from specific groups of students.


Time Period: You can further narrow down results by choosing to view responses from a certain date range.


Once you have made your selections, click Submit.


  1. Export OEQ Responses

To download your OEQ responses, click on the Excel link. Only the responses showing, based on the criteria set above, will download.



Important note 

While we encourage members to share survey results with stakeholders, it’s extremely important to take the time to review and edit the OEQ responses before sharing. Survey takers may include identifying information (ex. student or teacher names), sensitive information, expletive language, etc. We also recommend saving your Excel file as a PDF or locked document, so others cannot tamper with the contents.