Chart Scales - Explained

"Some measures are reported on a 10-point scale instead of a percentage. How do I interpret these results?"

For some measures in the Tell Them From Me® system, results are reported on a 10-point scale. Individual participant scores are based on the degree to which students agree or disagree with a series of Likert-scaled items. Student responses to these items contribute to an individual measure score. These measure scores are aggregated to form mean results for different populations (e.g., schools, districts, grades, etc).



Taken out of context, a 10-point score for a measure does not say much. However, the context and meaning comes from the ability to use the Tell Them From Me system to make comparisons to the results of other populations that have been scored on the same scale. TTFM® norms, replica lines, and the ability to make comparisons between demographic sub-populations of participants provide the context necessary to interpret a 10-point measure score.