Lesson Plan: Instructions for Teachers

Successful pre-survey student preparation has proven an effective means by which schools can reduce survey completion times, and encourage students to approach the survey as an opportunity to share their experiences and provide feedback.  

This lesson plan was designed to assist you in introducing the Tell Them From Me Student® survey to primary students


Outcome:   To introduce primary students (grade level 4-6) to the student survey

Duration:  Steps 1, 3, 4, 5: 15 minutes 

Step 2: Dependent on # of sections included.  Ideally this lesson would be conducted with students a day or two before they take the survey.

      • Pre-Survey Worksheets*
        • Family Structure
      • Pre-Survey PowerPoint 
      • Projector 

Pass out Worksheets and launch PowerPoint.

Step 1: Introductory Information 

      • Review slides 1-5

Step 2:  Survey Topic Review 

Review the following slides, keep in mind some sections may need to be omitted.

      • Family Structure: Slide 6*
      • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander: Slide 7

* Corresponding worksheet available

Collect completed worksheets. Worksheets can be redistributed to students during the survey implementation. Students can refer to their worksheet when answering the applicable questions. 

Step 3: Sample Questions

      • Review slides 8-12

Step 4: Terminology

      • Review slides  13-14

Step 5: Wrap-Up

      • Allow opportunity for students to ask any remaining questions they may have and clarify any points students are still unsure about. 

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