Worksheet: Data Analysis

When beginning to analyse your data, it is important to conduct an initial scan. We suggest using the One-Click Reports to identify both initial areas to celebrate and areas for further investigation.  

Although it is important to look through all data, it is not necessary to work with it all at once. You need to consider the capacity you have for the process including time, funding, and availability of key participants.

One strategy is to perform an ongoing data analysis throughout the school year and to focus your efforts on specific areas for growth. For example, you can set monthly goals or review the data at the end of the year to help set the stage for the next school year.

This data analysis worksheet can be used to record your planning and progress as you look through your data. You can use this worksheet to record:

  • what you found interesting in your results;
  • how your observations compare to your predictions;
  • what areas you would like to investigate further; and
  • your school or district strengths, areas to improve, and strategies to get there.

We encourage you to use the following worksheet as you begin to look at your data:

TTFM Worksheet: Data Analysis