Announcing AU Norms FAQ

Why did you update the norms?

Our general policy at The Learning Bar is to update our norms whenever we modify or update an existing measure, or every five years. Norms are updated to ensure that the comparison lines appropriately reflect student perceptions as well as capture changing trends in student experiences. This is to ensure that our comparison lines are as timely as possible to facilitate informed decision-making.

Since the implementation of the previous norms there has been continued growth of the Tell Them From Me® surveys across Australia. Updating the norms ensures they have greater national representation.

The regeneration process also ensures that measures that may have been created since the implementation of the previous norms are based on larger sample sizes of students.


How do I access the updated norms?

Updated norms will be applied automatically to newly generated One-click and Thematic reports in 2019 within the Interactive Charts. The updated norms will be applied when you select the Replica School comparison and the National Line.


Have the norms in all reports been updated (e.g. OCR text & graphs, ICs, thematic reports)?

Yes, the norms for all reports will be updated including:
-One-click reports.
-Interactive charts including the Replica School line.


Does this affect the Replica School in the Interactive Charts too?

Yes, the Replica School for both primary and secondary has been updated as well.


Can I have access to the previous norms again?

The previous norms will still be available when accessing reports prior to the 2020 school year (one-click, thematic reports & interactive charts).


Are there norms for the parent and teacher surveys?

There are currently no available norms for the Parent and Teacher survey. Other comparisons are available namely the Region Mean and Replica Line.


When will you next update the norms?

Our goal will be to update our norms every 5 years. Norms for any new measures or reports will be developed as necessary.


Who creates these norms?

The norms are developed by the Research Department using procedures established by Dr. Doug Willms, the President of The Learning Bar.


What do I do, or what does this mean, if I have already set my benchmarks using the old norms?

Even though we have updated the norms, it does not mean that the historical norms are no longer valid or useful. The new norms can be viewed as a new piece of information, and introduced when appropriate
(e.g. when they develop new reports, or set new benchmarks). The new norms should also bring greater alignment and clarity to those comparisons.