How to Set Up your Surveys

Survey Setup is the process by which School Coordinators and/or Principals complete configuration of a survey and tailor it to their local needs.

Setting up your survey is completed in six easy steps. To begin, click on the Survey Setup link, located under the yellow My Surveys menu. Note: If the Survey Setup option is greyed out, refer to this Knowledge Base article.





This guide covers the following steps:

  1. Select Survey
  2. Schedule
  3. Optional - Open-Ended Questions
  4. Optional - Multiple-Choice Questions
  5. Survey Takers
  6. Activate


1. Select Survey

Click on the radio button next to the survey you would like to set up. A description will appear to the right, indicating which group of students it is intended for.

2. Schedule

This page can be skipped, the information is no longer relevant.


3. Optional -Open-Ended Questions

You may have the option to add one or two Open-Ended Questions (OEQs), in addition to a standard Tell Them From Me® survey questions. If you added OEQs in a previous survey, you can view them by clicking on previous OEQs.

If adding an OEQ, simply type each question in the space provided.



4. Optional -Multiple-Choice Questions

You have the option to add one or two Multiple Choice or Multiple Answer Questions (MCQ/MAQs) to your student survey. If you added MCQs in a previous survey, you can view them by clicking on previous Multiple-Choice Questions.


Did you know? Custom MCQs have a dual function. They give you the option to formulate questions to address local needs and act as powerful drill-downs in the Interactive Charts. For more information on drill-downs, click here.


If adding MCQs or MAQs, complete each of the following sections:

1. Question title for reports - this title will appear at the top of the chart when results are reported
2. Multiple-Choice vs Multiple-Answers - select whether the question will be Multiple-Choice or Multiple Answer. Refer to Creating Custom Questions: Strategies for Success for more information.

3. Question the survey participant sees - enter the question here, exactly as you want the survey participant to see it.

4. Response options - enter the options the survey participant will pick from on their survey

5. Label for Reports - when the results are reported, these labels will appear on the chart’s x-axis.



5. Survey Takers

On this page, select the number of students who will be invited to complete the survey, as well as the year levels that will be represented.


Did you know? The number of students determines the number of login credentials that are generated. Rounding up means you will have extra logins in the event that some are misplaced or lost.


6. Activate

This final page presents a summary of everything you have entered. You can opt to save your work and come back to it later, activate the survey, or delete it and start over.


Next steps: After activating your survey, you will be shown a screen that lists all active surveys for your school. Click on View next to a survey to display and print its usernames and passwords. For assistance with this please review our Knowledge Base article Distributing Survey Accounts to Participants.