Trend Report Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Trend Reports?
To access the Tell Them From Me® Trend Reports, click on the View Reports menu located under the My Reports tab on the homepage. Here you will see a Reports column where you can select a Trend Report by clicking on the title link.

See the How to use the Trend Reports article for more information.
Can I export the Trend Reports as a scrapbook?
Yes, you can export all charts at once or individually as a PDF by clicking on the thumbnail. You can also export some data as a .csv file!
Are Trend Reports available for the Parent or Teacher surveys?
No, these are not currently available.

There are some discrepancies between my comparison value
This is most likely caused by rounding. Some values may actually be above or below the percentage point shown, however are rounded up or rounded down. The percentage point shown is adjusted to show the rounded up or rounded down number on the calculated difference between them.

How do I apply the norms for comparison?
You can apply TTFM or Replica norm comparisons on the main page and in the further drill-down charts.

See the How to use the Trend Reports article for more information.

Can I drill down by Disability or Change school?
Currently, only sex, grade, Indigenous status, and Immigrant status are available for drill down.

Can I view my school custom questions within the Trend Report?
Custom question display and drill down are only available in the interactive charts.
How does Data suppression work in the Trend Reports?
Whenever results are reported for a small number of survey-takers, there is a chance that the anonymity of that population may be compromised. In the interest of ensuring survey-takers anonymity, The Learning Bar’s reporting tools will automatically suppress data for populations that do not meet a minimum size.

You can read about our suppression rules here.
Can I view TTFM and Replica norms at the same time
Yes, this is available in the further drill-down charts. You can see how these are applied here.
Why am I missing values on my trend lines?
This could be caused by one of two reasons. The data may fall under our suppression rules, where data is suppressed due to too few responses.

The other reason is that this measure may not have been selected for that particular year/snapshot.
Are the Trend Reports available in any other languages?
Trend reports are currently only available when your Tell Them From Me® Language is set to English in the My Accounts page. View this article to see how the language on your account can be changed.