Staff Survey FAQs

How do staff access the survey? 

You can set up a master login link for staff to use while activating the survey, please follow the steps outlined in our How to Implement the Staff Survey article. Once your Staff Survey is activated you can circulate the special link to your staff, all participants will then automatically be logged into the Tell Them From Me® Staff Survey for their school without the need of a username and password. 


Who should participate? 

The Staff Survey is meant to capture the voices of your entire school community and is intended for administration, teaching, and support staff as the content is focused on interactions within the school environment. A number of items on the survey reference school leaders and contains language that includes ‘at my school’, therefore we strongly recommend that school leaders also participate in the survey.  Participants can be any full-time, part-time or occasional, staff member. Our goal is to gather feedback from everyone to ensure all voices are heard.


Can I add questions to the Staff Survey?

We offer 2 types of questions to add to Staff Surveys. With Open-Ended Questions(OEQs) and Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer Questions (MAQs/MCQs) and without. 

If the System has chosen Staff Survey with OEQ or MCQs you will have the ability to add up to two open-ended questions and up to two multiple choice/answer questions to help customise the survey to meet the unique context of your school. 


Can I do both the Teacher and Staff Survey?

We recommend that you participate in both surveys as they have different areas of focus.


While the Teacher Survey focuses more heavily on classroom and school effectiveness, the Staff Survey is focused on topics related to positive school climate including safety and well-being. The Staff Survey is also inclusive of all staff within your school.

What's the difference between the Staff and Teacher Survey?

The Teacher survey focuses on the Eight Drivers of Student Learning, and Four dimensions of classroom practices, so it is closely correlated to the Student Surveys. The Teacher survey is closely linked to the Student survey in looking at classroom behavior, teaching techniques etc

The Staff survey focuses on 13 core indicators to capture metrics on employee health and well-being, these include Job Control, collaboration, communication, workload, work-life balance, role ambiguity, job satisfaction, sense of belonging, school environment, eudaimonia - or “thriving”, well-being and school safety and inclusion. 


Will my responses be anonymous?

The survey is anonymous. To ensure anonymity, all staff are provided with a unique school URL that will allow access to the survey. Data suppression measures are used to ensure staff anonymity, if there are fewer than 5 responses, data will be suppressed and a survey report will not be generated.


How long will the Staff Survey take to complete? 

It is anticipated that the Staff Survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes on average to complete. 


When will there be comparison Norms available on the Staff Survey?  

Norms for the Staff Survey will be available when a sufficient and representative sample of data is obtained (e.g., from various states, school systems and demographic profiles). 

When these have been made available we will communicate their release. 


What is the research behind the Staff Survey?

The Tell Them From Me®Staff Survey Framework includes key metrics of employee health and well-being that are thoroughly supported by the psychological research. The measures on the Tell Them From Me® Staff Survey have been specifically designed to be within the influence of the school to observe and modify to ensure school leaders have relevant and actionable data. 


These articles provide detailed descriptions of all 13 measures, as well as the method of calculating and reporting for each. A summary of the research literature that supports the importance of each measure is also included. 

Measure Briefing Notes