Focus on Learning Teacher Survey

The Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Teacher Survey is a self-evaluation tool for teachers and schools that is based on two complementary research models. The ‘effective schools’ model identifies the most important correlates of student outcomes, and the TTFM Teacher Survey items a re-designed to assess eight of the most important drivers of student learning. The second model is based on the learning framework followed by the Outward Bound program. The Outward Bound model is considered an effective model of teaching and learning and the TTFM Teacher survey content covers four dimensions of classroom and school practices based on this model. Guided by the two research paradigms, the TTFM Teacher Survey provides data on 12 measures that schools and educators can use to improve student outcomes. This document provides detailed descriptions of all 12 measures, as well as the method of calculating and reporting for each. A summary of the research literature that supports the importance of each measure is also included.